A day at the Bird show

Twice a year there is a bird show at MTSU that has many breeders of all breeds of birds. We enjoy seeing all the different birds and soon we will rejoin the world of being a bird owner. Attended the...

Shots of Jonah

Not too often do you find such good personality and genetics as we have in our Havanese. He is our third Havanese and each one is special to us, but Jonah carries himself well.

A few Birds

Love taking pictures of birds and often my backyard is a good place to capture some good shots.

Red Breasted Grosbeak in our backyard

Backyard photography of a Cedar Waxwing bird

Look to your left

Tuft Titmouse is another one of my favorites, their swooping flight to and from the feeders is a dead giveaway of what bird it is…

Tufted titmouse in our backyard

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