Bonsai trees are so beautiful, but in the last 10 years I have killed six of them and one was stolen from my deck. I always think I want to try again, but the failure of killing another one rears its ugly head at me. It’s gotten so bad that my own mother gave meRead full articleBonsai


Moderna shot number one – had them put it in my left arm (I’m a lefty) and after about 5 hours, I’m starting to feel it. Next shot not until April 19th. 💉

Our Brittany – Dempsey

The ability to control long periods of manic power in burst of overdrive…explains the life of a Brittany owner. This is Dempsey, named after the wonderful soccer player Clint Dempsey. The amount of drive that these dogs have even for a bird dog… it’s a sight to see. Their energy is only matched by theirRead full articleOur Brittany – Dempsey

Vivian Maier

Finally, read her book. Wow just wow.

It’s my Birthday

Still ticking and blessed to say so.

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