Right outside the cabin

When the birds are in the top of the trees, but so is your cabin in the mountain.

Birds From our Cabin in the Mountain.

Birds From our Cabin in the Mountain.

Storm over the mountain

Rolling in over our cabin in the Smokies.

It’s been a night of storms coming and going over the mountain.

Birds and Storms
From our Cabin in the Mountain.

Hint of Fall

This morning I came across this and hope it’s a sign that Fall is almost here.

Shot with Fuji X-T3 and the wonderful Fuji 33mm 1.4f

Could it be the start of Fall?

Our two seniors

Dempsey and Jonah are both officially considered seniors, which seems hard to believe but also does this picture seem odd as they don’t normally sleep next to each other. Rare time of them...

A day at the Bird show

Twice a year there is a bird show at MTSU that has many breeders of all breeds of birds. We enjoy seeing all the different birds and soon we will rejoin the world of being a bird owner. Attended the...

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