2Hawks Woodsman Tomahawk

A gift from Gerri a few years ago, the 2Hawks tomahawks are a wonderfully made tomahawk with many different models. The Woodsman has these specs: Tomahawk Features6150 High-carbon, chromium steel2Hawks iconic blued finish2.75in bladeHammer-polled head14 inch (35.5 cm) Flamed grained, keel type, hickory handle25 Year blade warranty

Happy Mother’s Day

It was good to be out with family and friends at church today.

Is it possible?

Is it possible that Jack is old enough to be sitting with the youth of our church? After our May youth service at church, they went to Zaxby’s and Gerri and I was made to sit by ourselves and our teenager was with the other guys.

Just enjoying a bonfire in our new firepit

Purchased the Solo bonfire and so far the smokeless experience is nice. Nothing wrong with a traditional fire that big and wild, but the bonfire from Solo Stoves is a good way to enjoy a smaller fire in your camp or backyard that’s easy to control and clean up.

Old shed and woodline

Shooting a old shed and woodline behind a cornfield.

Happy Easter

My man Jackson on Easter.

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